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  • Acky Bright

BMW's Global Campaign Launches Manga


A total of eight episodes of manga featuring players from the world's top teams in eSports (Cloud9, Fnatic, G2, FPX, T1, OG).

Even though all the characters are real people, I designed all the costumes, creatures, backgrounds, weapons, and tools.

It became a major campaign, with a music video synthesized with live-action footage, and a car with the world of the manga designed into its body displayed in Munich.

An interview as Acky Bright was also posted on BMW's official website.


eスポーツ界の世界のトップチーム(Cloud9, Fnatic, G2, FPX, T1, OG)のプレイヤーを主人公にしたマンガを全8話で展開。



Acky BrightとしてBMWの公式サイトにインタビューも掲載されました。


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